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Custom Lash Remover

Custom Lash Remover

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Our B-Lush custom lash remover is the ultimate quick remover. With just a small amount of remover applied, it will gently remove your existing lashes in a matter of minutes. Our formula is very gentle, sting free and makes sure the lashes are removed with no damage to the natural lashes. The remover can also be used to clean up the lash extensions and removes any existing glue, to ensure they are in perfect condition to use time after time.

Always patch test products

Remover ingredients: White mineral oil, laureth-4, isododecane, 2 -phenoxyethanol, tween80, ethyl hexyl glycerol.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 11 reviews
Abbie J
Excellent product

For once a remover that is so kind to the eyes. No sting and lashes were left in lovely condition.

Isabella K
This is amazing

Wow this remover is unbelievably gentle on the eyes and removes the lash extensions in seconds. Great product.

Joanna F
Magic in a tube!

This remover is unbelievable. Its super gentle and removed my lashes in about 3 minutes. I was gobsmacked at how my natural lashes have no damage at all.

Rachael W
Simple and quick

This remover loosens the lashes so quickly for a stress free removal and whats best is no sting at all.

Jodie K
Never had such a gentle remover

Most removers really hurt my eyes and can sting a lot leaving them sore and red. I was gobsmacked at how quickly and gently this took my lashes off and left them really conditioned.