About us

B-Lush began in my small beauty clinic, focusing significantly on specialised lash treatments. Now with over 12 years of experience in the beauty industry offering beauty products and services, we can predict new and upcoming lash and beauty trends and see precisely what the customer wants. We fully understand that the cost of living is a massive issue for everyone lately, which made us know that you, the consumer, still need to be provided with those beautiful salon lash extensions without forgoing quality and style.

These visions led us to new challenges, which is why we have worked around the clock to produce the ultimate ‘Mesmereyes’ Eyelash Extension kit for you. By doing this, we have opened a new door for the B-Lush Brand, aiming to deliver top-quality products at affordable prices, giving you an alternative to salon visits and costs. In doing this, we can help you, our consumers, to still achieve the lash trends you desire without having the hefty price tag attached. These visions will continue to lead us to produce cost-effective beauty products for you, the consumer. Danielle, Foun der of B-Lush x