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Bella Lash Box (All 10mm)

Bella Lash Box (All 10mm)

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The Bella Lash Box is perfect for a short, natural look. It contains 10mm eyelash extensions for a subtle and elegant effect. With it, you can achieve a beautiful and unique look. This box contains enough lash extensions to create 3 sets of lash extensions and can also be used multiple times if cared for properly.

Best used alongside our B-lush bond and sealant.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 7 reviews
Kelly P
Love them!

I find a lot of brands always do over the top lashes and find it hard to find something shorter to suit me. I tried the Bella and they are absolutely perfect. Thank you for producing a lovely natural lash for us natural girls 😊

Jenna S
Very impressed

Such a beautiful natural lash. Very soft and seamless. Lovely quality.

Mia S
Very natural

Im not meant to wear lashes for work but absolutely love these Bella lashes. Because they are a shorter 10mm and look so natural I always get away with wesring them for work.

Sharon Wears
Super beautiful

Wow these lashes are luxury quality and a fantastic price. Im an older lady so like a short delicate lash, and thats exactly what the Bella 10mm gives me.

Anita H
Perfect for a shorter look

I like a lovely natural look and these are absolutely lovely. So soft like real hair and sit so comfortable juat above the waterline. I wouldn't use any others now.