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B-Lush silicone Spoolie Lash Brush

B-Lush silicone Spoolie Lash Brush

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Our custom made travel Spoolie Lash Brush takes the original spoolie to the next level. Our new Silicone moulded brush gives amazing durability and glides effortlessley through your lash extensions, without any pulling or tangling, resulting in your lash extensions staying intact and perfectly groomed, unlike many other fabric brushes which can tangle and pull at the lash extensions. Make sure your reusable B-Lush lash brush is always at hand wherever you go with its unique and stylish keychain design which can be clipped to any handbag or purse.

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Customer Reviews

Based on 8 reviews
Nic Burns
Good for 5 minutes

Top fell off and lost it... that was that

Michelle B
This is fab

This is like the queen of lash brushes. The silicone brush is so much better as doesnt pull at the lash extensions. I never leave home without it on my purse. Great little idea.

Leo Jones
Game changer of lash brushes ❤️

This is so brill. The fact its silicone and doesnt tangle in your lashes, and I can take it everywhere as it looks so stylish. My friends love it and all want to order one.

Jessica S
Cutest ❤️

I always carry a spoolie, and my friend gave me a B-Lush spoolie. Oh my god its brilliant. Attached to my bag like a keyring so always at hand and its reusable silicone so it isn't like the disposable ones. Game changer of spoolies 🙂.

Gemma V
Love my spoolie 😍

Such a genius idea! I really dont like fabric spoolies and this silicone option is fabulous. The fact I can attach it and take it everywhere with me is such a good idea.